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Approachable and cheerful. He radiates an easygoing vibe that is just devoid of ego. We met in Berlin´s trendy art and food Mitte district, where he fits right in.

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Sommelier | Press Napa Valley


Known as the "sommvivant" to her instagram followers and YouTube subscribers for being a "Sommelier" with a "Bon Vivant" lifestyle, Amanda documents her life as a somm in the Napa Valley on a daily basis.

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Winemaker | Bull Fighter


Diego Sepúlveda (enologist) of Casa Santos Lima, is a bullfighter that brought passion and perseverance to winemaking.

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Sommelier | Sur Mesure


Chef Sommelier du Mandarin Oriental (Restaurant Sur Mesure - Thierry Marx), When we look back on our time with wine, most of us want to see a life well-lived, vintages well-tasted; leaving no curious bottle uncorked.

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Grab a seat around the Nobelhart & Schmutzig kitchen counter and enjoy a clear view of one of the most exciting restaurants in Belin.
Cue the vinyl spins.

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Drink Deep

See the world through the eyes of a Somm with our video collection.

Beyond the notes

We remove barriers by enlightening consumers with every glass. We tell the story about every brand we curate — from A to Z. We personally visit, taste, interview, and discover what it really took in order for the bottle to arrive at your table.

September 22 Winemaker

When Tuscany Meets North Cantebury

Sometimes it’s a struggle to know where to start when painting a picture of an award-winning vineyard. Maybe we could begin with the outstanding restaurant – if you’re picky about what you eat with your wine, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss lunch.

September 15 Winemaker

How to Inspire the Winemaking Process

There are two things to get clear when talking about the Brown Brothers.

The first is that there are many Browns, not just the brothers. The second is that there is a tradition here – but they don't want to be known as traditional.

September 15 Distillers

The Spirit of a Sustainable Island

Once you get your head around it, it’s a simple concept, right? Any well-meaning individual who had even a shred of morality would tip over the fence when thinking about the sustainability of the earth. Little do you know, sustainability is complicated. However, there are people out there toiling away at the complicated formulas and nightmarish logistics so that by the time you get the product, it’s deceivingly simple.

September 09 Tea Producers

The No Tea Bag Policy at Yumchaa

How do you think they did it hundreds of years ago? They certainly weren't tentatively dipping their tea bags into boiling water, their only concern that the tea remains separate from the liquid. I can most certainly confirm that instead, they were guzzling tea leaves left and right – trust us, it doesn't take long to get used to the idea, either.

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