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Approachable and cheerful. He radiates an easygoing vibe that is just devoid of ego. We met in Berlin´s trendy art and food Mitte district, where he fits right in.

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Winemaker | Bull Fighter


Diego Sepúlveda (enologist) of Casa Santos Lima, is a bullfighter that brought passion and perseverance to winemaking.

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Grab a seat around the Nobelhart & Schmutzig kitchen counter and enjoy a clear view of one of the most exciting restaurants in Belin.
Cue the vinyl spins.

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Drink Deep

See the world through the eyes of a Somm with our video collection.

Beyond the notes

We remove barriers by enlightening consumers with every glass. We tell the story about every brand we curate — from A to Z. We personally visit, taste, interview, and discover what it really took in order for the bottle to arrive at your table.

May 10 Uncategorized

16 Mother’s Day gifts for Wine Moms

Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Do you know what you are going to get for your wife or mom? Our moms are so special. They take care of everyone without even asking for help. Even though we should show them appreciation every single day, Mother's Day is just one of the special days set aside to show our mom's just how much we love them.

June 14 Uncategorized

The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts

This father’s day has you covered. Instead of scanning the internet for last minute gifts or heading to the mall to battle crowds, we’ve complied the perfect list of thoughtful vinyls and spirits you and your father will love.

June 05 Sommeliers

Billy Wagner

An extensive wine list, vibrant kitchen, and outstanding music; if Sommtable were a restaurant, it would be Nobelhart Schmutzig 

May 03 Tequila

A Cinco de Mayo Special: Behind the Scenes of Tequila Making

Happy Cinco de Mayo! When thinking about Cinco de Mayo do you think tacos and tequila? Of course! Beyond the delicious Méxican food and Tequila do you know what the holiday represents?

April 30 Tequila

Mexican Spirits | uno cero uno

When it comes to Mexican spirits, everyone's heard of tequila, and people are increasingly aware of mezcal. Less well-known is a third Mexican spirit, sotol, though any good mixologist will have a bottle on hand for certain cocktails. And for Smart Alecs like me who might ask for it.

March 14 Distillers

A Whiskey for St Patrick’s Day

Which Irish whiskey to choose for St Patrick's Day? For personal reasons our writer chooses something from the Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland.

March 05 Armagnac

French Brandy and Cognac 101

French brandy, cognac, and armagnac: all you need to know to tell the difference between them and choose your brandy wisely.

February 15 Flavors

Spice Up Your Spirits for Valentine’s Day

If your idea of a spicy spirit is Fireball Cinnamon Whisky you definitely need to up the ante and get a special liquor for a special occasion. Here are eight of our favorites spicy spirits for Valentine's Day.

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