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Month: August 2018

August 31 Coffee Producers

Saving the World One Coffee at a Time

As I’ve come to find out, there is coffee, and then there is coffee. The latter is the type of coffee is the kind that will knock the feet from underneath you and make you want to come back for more, time and again.

August 25 Winemaker

Wine: It’s in the Family

When you look for wine, you want a personalized touch.

You want to know the rich, deep history behind it – how they make the wine, why they make it and who makes it. Learning the intricate details that weave themselves into each bottle of wine making it that much more meaningful, adding new layers to the overall experience.

August 20 Winemaker

Georgian wine, tasting history.

There’s really no other way to explain it. Blood, sweat, boundless patience and tears have gone into the cultivation and production of Georgian wine. This is because Georgian wine is steeped in tradition. 8000 years of tradition, to be exact. The history of Georgia runs parallel to the culture of Georgian winemaking. These two factors are inseparable and inherent in one another's identity.

August 18 Coffees & Teas

The Art of Modern Tea Ceremony

The ceremony of tea is ancient. Tea ceremony has been delicately woven into history to become an intrinsic part of many different cultures around the world. When you drink tea, you want to feel warm, cozy and comfortable. Drinking tea is a great chance to take a moment out of your day, whether it’s to reflect or have a meaningful conversation with someone.

August 18 Coffees & Teas

A Tea that Spans Two Continents

Our story begins in Japan and ends in New York. These two different environments and experiences have been brought together by a passion for tea – Matcha tea, specifically. I’m getting ahead of myself. Behind every great tea are great people, and the tea we’re talking about today is no exception.

August 18 Coffees & Teas

Looking Beyond the Cup: The World of T2

Tea is more than just a beverage to have with your breakfast. It’s a powerful, ancient commodity that’s been intrinsically involved in many different ethnic cuisines. T2 is all about this. Their mission as an independent tea company is to look beyond the cup and into the lives of the people behind the tea. Let’s begin at the beginning.

August 18 Coffee Producers

There’s a Ritual to the Path of Enlightenment

We’re always on the path to enlightenment when it comes to our brew. Because we know that you are, too, we get super excited when we can share few and far between meccas of coffee that are so well-known in their area, they are the mainstays. This is one of them.

August 12 Coffee Producers

How Fresh Do You Think Your Coffee Is?

Our story doesn’t begin with Jack’s Coffee, however. It goes further back than that, to the early 90’s
when Jack’s Coffee founder David Burton saw a need in Auckland for a decent cup of fresh coffee.
This led to the creation of Burton Hollis, a coffee company created by David Burton that would go on
to supply the hospitality industry with fresh coffee beans for 16 years.

August 12 Coffee Producers

What Does Stumptown’s Million-Dollar Coffee Tastes Like

The Stumptown coffee buyers are called the Green Team members. These people sit down around a
campfire or in the home of a producer and talk about the year’s crop. They have met with these
producers many times because they have slowly been working on building long-lasting relationships.

August 12 New Zealand

Ostler Vineyard – North Otago

Growing excellent wines off the beaten track in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful, unspoiled coastlines.