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Month: October 2018

October 28 Winemaker

Icewine: The Fifth Element

Just when you thought you had the wine thing down, it's blown up in your face. There's nothing simple about growing grapes and making wine – and why should there be? When you've got an opportunity given by Mother Nature herself to create an entirely new type of wine, why wouldn't you?

October 28 Uncategorized

Two Vineyards by the Lake

When it comes to wine, the more, the merrier. You could stick to the standard single vineyard and have half an aneurysm every year when the weather starts to turn on you. Or, you could back yourself up a bit and give your wines an even better chance of being brilliant.

October 21 Winemaker

When One Note Meets Another

DeMorgenzon Estate, located along the famous Stellenbosch strip in South Africa, believes in the motivating power of music. Their belief floats around the idea that classical music can positively influence the growth of grapevine and the fruit that it bears. 

October 21 Winemaker

An Estate with an Eye For Resistance

These days, we’re all dressing up too much – or too little, depending on which way you see it. The point is, there are many wineries out there that bring out the smoke machines and lights and put on a hell of a show – but how good is their wine?

October 14 Winemaker

Idaho Wine? As If

There are a lot of things that Idaho is known for – Yellowstone, Boise, and Sun Valley Ski Resort. What you won’t usually see on this list is wine.

October 13 Winemaker

The Novelty of Cheap Wine

While there are the lucky few of us who can afford to cough up excessive amounts of sophisticated drops, the rest of us mere mortals down here on earth don’t have this type of luxury.

October 07 Winemaker

Square Peg Vs. Dry Hole

Some would say that you can’t farm without water. I mean, it’s common sense, even to the most removed of us – agriculture requires water. And it tends to be a lot of it.

October 06 Winemaker

What Do Nirvana and Colagrossi Have in Common?

We all know the classic story of Dave Grohl and Nirvana. Created in Grohl’s friend’s garage, it quickly became one of the most iconic bands of the 90’s. Starting something iconic in a garage is something people these days strive for, not run away from.