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Break down anything that is a barrier to that truth.

The masks, conceit, and parroting that threaten to drown great taste are as gone as yesterday to us; being replaced with only with the simple truth being offered in every sip.

So we deliver this welcome with 3 simple pledges to you.

1: We pledge an oath to simplicity, openness, and an unfettered passion for the world of wine as we see it.
Away from the elitist echo chamber that has come to rob the spirit of the vines; our goal is to democratize
the world of wine and spirits and make it accessible for all.

Our aim is to create relationships amongst small to medium producers without dollar signs in their eyes;
for whom the passion of every uncorked bottle still burns freely, fed by family, love, and a true dedication to
their craft.

2: We promise to deliver deep connections to every step in the world of wine and spirits. From understanding
corks and closures to connecting with farmers and cellars; we believe that the more involved you are with
what it took to put that bottle on your table, the more you will appreciate what you are drinking.

3: We commit to delivering only what you are looking for; never attempting to push products or services most
of us cannot even afford. Our message is simple, and as raw as grapes on a vine: In wine there’s truth.

Now, with a raised glass, let’s break down everything
that is a barrier to that truth.

Birdie deQuay
Nurturer of Improbable Ideas