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November 15 Sommeliers

Filip Szacilowski

Wine is Filip's passion, and we are here for every sip of it!

November 03 Sommeliers

Rodolfo Tristão

If there is one thing the life of a sommelier is filled with, it is passion. Passion pours from them in every smile, cork, sip, and savor they experience, and it shows in the wonderful insight they have to offer.

November 03 Sommeliers

Julia Scavo

When searching for words to describe the journey of Ms. Julia Scavo, impressive is the first thing that comes to mind.

November 02 Education

Kelli White

Before her career as a sommelier and acclaimed author, Kelli A. White was a very straight and narrow kind of kid. She had a gift for maths and sciences and won a Howard Hughes Fellowship in Neurogenetics while at Brandeis. As the stars would have it, Kelli’s life was about to change in a big way.

November 02 Sommeliers

David Biraud

When we look back on our time with wine, most of us want to see a life well-lived, vintages well-tasted; leaving no curious bottle uncorked. David Biraud may have the edge on us here.

November 01 Sommeliers

Raimonds Tomsons

Wine reveals itself gradually. Over the last seventeen years, I have worked, travelled, learned, competed, met countless winemakers, experienced many outstanding wines and appreciated the subtlety of their flavor nuances and the amazing diversity of the world of wine.

November 01 Sommeliers

Billy Wagner

An extensive wine list, vibrant kitchen, and outstanding music; if Sommtable were a restaurant, it would be Nobelhart Schmutzig 

November 16 Sommeliers

Amanda McCrossin

Amanda McCrossin is a sommelier & YouTube vlogger in Napa Valley, CA

Having previously worked as a sommelier in New York City, Amanda moved to the west coast in July 2015 where she joined the wine team at PRESS restaurant in St. Helena. Known as the "sommvivant" to her instagram followers and YouTube subscribers for being a "Sommelier" with a "Bon Vivant" lifestyle, Amanda documents her life as a somm in the Napa Valley on a daily basis.

September 26 Culture

More than a Master: Redefining the Sommelier

Traditionally known as a wine waiter, the world of the sommelier is much larger than this. While sommeliers are largely the keepers to the secrets of wine...

April 06 Oenologist

What is the Difference between a Sommelier, Winemaker, and Oenologist?

No, this is not the setup to a joke. There is a lot of confusion as to the actual difference between a sommelier, and winemaker or oenologist. Though they all work closely with the world of wine, they play separate roles that are often intertwined – hence the confusion. Let’s lay it all out here.