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September 15 Winemaker

How to Inspire the Winemaking Process

There are two things to get clear when talking about the Brown Brothers.

The first is that there are many Browns, not just the brothers. The second is that there is a tradition here – but they don't want to be known as traditional.

August 25 Winemaker

Wine: It’s in the Family

When you look for wine, you want a personalized touch.

You want to know the rich, deep history behind it – how they make the wine, why they make it and who makes it. Learning the intricate details that weave themselves into each bottle of wine making it that much more meaningful, adding new layers to the overall experience.

August 20 Winemaker

Georgian wine, tasting history.

There’s really no other way to explain it. Blood, sweat, boundless patience and tears have gone into the cultivation and production of Georgian wine. This is because Georgian wine is steeped in tradition. 8000 years of tradition, to be exact. The history of Georgia runs parallel to the culture of Georgian winemaking. These two factors are inseparable and inherent in one another's identity.

August 12 New Zealand

Ostler Vineyard – North Otago

Growing excellent wines off the beaten track in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful, unspoiled coastlines.

November 02 Education

Kelli White

Before her career as a sommelier and acclaimed author, Kelli A. White was a very straight and narrow kind of kid. She had a gift for maths and sciences and won a Howard Hughes Fellowship in Neurogenetics while at Brandeis. As the stars would have it, Kelli’s life was about to change in a big way.

October 30 Winemaker

António Maçanita

António Maçanita is a renowned winemaker in Portugal. He is responsible for several wine production projects in Azores and the Alentejo region.

June 14 Winemaker

Lijia Santos 

Caminhos Cruzados, or “Crossed Paths” in English, was a project Lijia, her father Paulo Santos, and the entire Santos family began in order to return to its origins and invest in the world of wine.

April 06 Oenologist

A Sommelier, Winemaker, and Oenologist walk into a bar…

No, this is not the setup to a joke. There is a lot of confusion as to the actual difference between a sommelier, and winemaker or oenologist. Though they all work closely with the world of wine, they play separate roles that are often intertwined – hence the confusion. Let’s lay it all out here.

January 31 Winemaker

Cristina Frolov

Hidden Giants; Exploring the World of Moldovan Wine

While France, Italy and Spain may hold the lion’s share of an industry which is over 35 billion bottles strong, there are many other players in the game. The world of Moldovan wine may be lesser known than other European countries, but that makes it somewhat of a hidden gem for those who seek something off the beaten path.

January 12 Winemaker

Diogo Sepúlveda

Diego Sepúlveda (enologist) of Casa Santos Lima, is a bullfighter that brought passion and perseverance to winemaking.